Monday, December 31, 2012

Sometimes my nerdiness gets crafty (AKA-Doctor Who Christmas)

I spent the last month working on lots of different things.
I'm probably overcompensating but I wanted this Christmas to be special for my kids so I made them these things.

These are my daughter's Doctor Who Sneakers. She saw some on Pinterest originally but they weren't "her" so I made my own version. She loves them. YAY me!!!

This is the Keyblade that my son wishes existed. (His sister makes him watch Doctor Who) I handpainted it onto a messenger bag for him.
Her CD case- really is bigger on the inside!
Then I really wanted to get Minecraft Legos for my little guy, but sadly they had been sold out for months by the time I discovered they even existed. So I had to get creative.
Here is his Minecraft lego table. I think he likes it, he's spent hours with it over the last few days!
The rails along the side.
The ends
With dimensions

And all finished and under the tree.
I had some smaller projects that didn't make it to the photos, like my daughter's hoodie with her name written in Galifreyan and my son's sneakers. I'll see about getting those up here soon!
Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Ramble, ramble, ramble

I have been a busy girl lately. I guess I owe you all a bit of an update.

Between prepping for the zombie apocalypse, being a mom, learning to create a wizard, getting ready for Halloween CHAOS!!! and doing the dishes, there hasn't been much time for blogging lately. I miss it. I think it's fun and well... it keeps me from inflicting damage on unsuspecting people.

Usually. Don't look behind the garage, that's where I keep the bodies.

Walking Dead starts this weekend, I'm excited. I'm already up to my elbows in Dexter this season and Glee has let me down. It's just... lost something.

I haven't read anything good lately really, oh wait, I did read Kingdom Keepers 4, but I found it lacking. It was a nice little reminder of all things Disney for me, but it just doesn't thrill me. I read it for the references to areas of the park so I can pretend I'm there.

School is back in session for my little people (hahahahah!! The girl towers over me and the boy is pretty darn close, guess they aren't so little!) and we are dealing with the every day parent stuff.
This parenting stuff is hard, why don't they tell you that? It isn't the big stuff that's hard, it's the little stuff. You EXPECT the big stuff to be hard, if I'd known how exhausting some of the day to day stuff can be I might have been tempted to stick with a puppy! I wouldn't trade them, don't get me wrong, but I think the reason kids don't come with a manual is because everyone would try and return them as soon as they flipped through it.

Ok, so that's enough babbling this morning. I'll try and get back to this on more of a regular basis.

Drop me a note and tell me what you've been doing for that last month or so!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Well.. wait, I have boobs too...

So, I'm still digesting this, but I'm gonna rant a bit about this. One of the nice things about geek culture, about being a nerd, or both... is that it's always been fairly inclusionary. Except now... if you happen to be attractive?

I'd like to talk to the people that read my blog about this...and get your thoughts.
I don't look like a troll usually (Except sometimes when I first get up I have troll hair these days) but according to that article, based on this, because of that and because of the fact that I have boobs, I have no geek cred? Really? Now I understand my "street cred" might be up for debate... but...
my time playing video games, or reading sci-fi and/or fantasy, or building rockets or playing with science or devouring knowledge of spreadsheets and love of math and numbers...  renders me... a poser?
I think not and I'm kinda offended.
Isn't that a bit judgemental? To me this is like an employer not hiring me, despite my qualifications
 because since I have a uterus (or used to anyway) I must not have a brain. I have a brain, a good one and I use it frequently.
Cosplay as a whole I think attracts people who like attention. Also, attention to detail and the fun that goes along with it. Think Halloween.... whenever you want. That's kinda cool. The implication that a woman must be desperate for attention and thriving on it because they are preying on men, well... see, that's an odd assumption. Are the guys feeling preyed on for one?
As far as booth babes and those hired to work CONs and trade shows... well that's a different story and ... let's be honest. SEX SELLS. Models get used for a reason....the same reason that shot girls get used in bars, and a beer company makes commercials of girls in bikinis and car companies hire girls to walk around and talk to shoppers. Do you ask the beer promo girl if she drinks that kind of beer, or even if she does drink beer? Doubt it....but I bet you drank the beer she handed you. It's called marketing, it's called promoting.

But I digressed and wandered from my original topic.
All of us nerd/geek girls come in all kinds of shapes and sizes... just like everyone else.
Basically, to me the entire premise of the article is that it's ok to judge a book by it's cover and find it lacking if the cover is pretty.


Discrimination is discrimination...and it's wrong.

Now, excuse me while I take out my contacts and put my glasses back on... I wouldn't want to be called a fake.

Friday, July 27, 2012

So if only boring people are bored...

BLAH! I'm bored.

I am not sure I'm actually bored, maybe I'm just unmotivated or cranky or out of wine or something.
I thought about reading, but it didn't hold my attention.
I threw some paint on stuff, nope... again... mind wandering off to nowhere....SQUIRREL
I baked some cookies, which I promptly ate, so I guess that wasn't a wasted endeavor. (YUM btw.. just YUM)
Hung out with my little man and played some Epic Mickey.
We put on television and someone needs to tell me why I have 1000 channels, there isn't anything exciting on any of them and since I have HD I don't watch anything below
The girlchild is off practicing her jazz hands are rehearsal and...
I just can't seem to stay.... attentive to anything this evening.
I'm bored.
I hate to say it, but I'm bored. Must be bubble bath time.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday 3

It's Monday... you know what that means, I'm going to ramble on and on about things you never knew, probably are kind of glad you never knew and wonder why I told you.

1. I have a love/hate relationship going with my central air. 1 degree either way makes me crazy at the moment and that "perfect" temp? Yeah, that apparently changes hourly. I can't really blame the AC. I think it's me that has issues.
Currently I think I might be living in a penguin habitat. I just had to go change it from "stun" to "slightly maim with frost"

2. I like to learn new things and think that everyone has something cool to teach you if you are willing to listen and learn. Especially if it's something fun or sounds dirty. *wicked grin*

3. My fingernails and my toenails are painted a dark ruby red at the moment. I almost NEVER paint my fingernails with anything but a french manicure.
I used to bite my nails and sometimes still catch myself doing it if I'm not paying attention...even though it's been over 15 years since I did so on a regular basis. This just proves that in my head I'm still about 22.

I made the video for this Kickstarter, I think the whole project is pretty awesome and the company is run by friends of mine. Silver Gryphon Games, they're a small press publishing company for the tabletop RPG industry. (Their website here )

If you feel like checking it out and sharing it with anyone that you think might be interested that'd be great!I'm a firm believer in supporting small businesses and I think everyone would be better off if more people did.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I "less than 3" math

A friend of mine recently posted a math problem on her facebook without the answer and I was both shocked and entertained at the answers and explanations as to how people got them.

Anyone wanna play?

9-5+5 x 0+3=????

Post your answer in the comments, then we can talk about it!
Don't forget to "show your work" by explaining how you got it.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Monday!

It's time for my Monday 3. (Yes I know I missed last week... I was busy)

1. My favorite fruit is cherries, and if I want them I don't care if they are $7 a pound I will buy them.
2. I really like Mondays right now, I know most people hate them, but Mondays have always felt like new beginnings for me.
3. I am not very athletic, in fact I'm rather uncoordinated and could probably trip over the lines in tile.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I need a cliff and an anvil....

I not-so-secretly have an entire file full of plots that I keep in case I ever need to "dispose" of anyone that might be... on my list. These people will be referred to from now on as "interlopers" for simplicity sake.

I thought I'd share some with you from time to time... in case you also have a list and an interloper.

Remember.. it's top secret, cause no one reads the internet.
You're welcome.

You're gonna need to find someone else to help you hide the bodies, and you'll probably need an alibi, but I can't do EVERYTHING for you!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ok.. don't panic

wait, no,
That's not it at all.. .but tomorrow if you are using one of the over 4 million computers that has been infected with specific malware, you won't be able to connect to the internet.. .at all.
So you probably want to know if this is going to wreck your day right?

Cause I don't know about YOU, but that would put a serious crimp in MY day.

It's actually really easy. You can test your computer in a matter of seconds and chances are unless you click on a bunch of links all the time you should be fine... but if you do click links, or your mom or uncle or sister or neighbor does on their computer... you need to know.

You can do this in 1 of 2 ways, first the easy one.
Click here...

If the page is green and looks like this...
You are totally fine.

If it turns red, you are either going to need to go here
and follow these directions or else I'd recommend calling your ISP and having someone walk you through it. Depends on how techie you are.

The other method of checking is to go to google, type in what's my ip to obtain your ip address

Copy your IP and go to this site.

Paste your IP and hit check.
Your results are insant.

If not, then see above.

Please feel free to share this information with others, and for additional information, please visit

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hey! You! Sit down.. I wanna tell you something....

Hey readers... you can read this if you want, but it's actually a letter to me.
That I need to send, um.... a long time ago.
I recently discovered that my phone is sending texts from the future (honest! People get texts from me that say I sent them 6, 8 hours or even severeal days AFTER I did. So if I text you at 9:52 you will get a text from me at 9:52 that says I sent it at 7am or 3 days from now)
So... that got me thinking about time machines and time travel... and I thought it was time to tell myself all of this.
Where do I start? At what point do I say, "Hey, make this change, make this choice. Where should I draw the line that would bring me to a different path from today?" It's funny but when I sit down and think of it this way... there isn't a lot I would change for a long time. And what I thought was going to be a funny, lighthearted post really isn't.
Dear 16 year old me;
First... of all, I want you to know this is really from me, so there's a loose brick in the chimney at Gramma's house. In it, there's $20 you got from babysitting for Christine a thin red notebook that you use a diary for the really secret stuff and a picture of a wedding dress that would rival Cinderellas.
Convinced yet? Ok... so one more hint.. you used to hide cookies inside Anderson's Fairy Tales so no one knew they were there. Oh and 16 year old me? You aren't fat, you have curves. Eat a damn sandwich.

Invest in google. :)

Study. Study harder and then study some more.

You aren't going to marry Mike. You're going to marry someone from your french class, but first you're going to go to Ohio.
Ohio-well I was going to say just don't do it, but you know what? Ohio was good on a lot of levels. Go to Ohio, do all the ohio stuff, the good, the bad and then come back.

When you come back from Ohio...
You have dreams. Live them. For god sakes live them... dreams are for living.

Get married.
Have your babies they are amazing people and the world is a better place for their existence.
Oh yeah.... about that. Having babies is not going to be easy for you... and you're going to cry about that a lot, so much... and you're going to be sure you'll never have kids, and when you do, you'll feel like a failure that you couldn't have more. It's ok, your kids are amazing people and you'll be really happy that you had 2. You don't really want more than that anyway.

And here... right about here I think is where you need to rethink some things.
Do not go to Florida. Florida is a mistake of EPIC proportions.

Do not put your dreams on hold.

Keep painting and drawing and dancing in the kitchen.

It's ok to lean on people. You don't have to do it all alone.

Check credentials. Always. Yours, others, everyones.

Don't turn off the music, you need music like most people need air, and silence is very loud.
At some point in 2001 someone is going to give you a piece of paper with a website on it, don't wait years to look at it. The things that you are going to learn about yourself from that.... are astounding. You will find things from that that will bring you happiness and joy and so many gifts that I can't begin to explain right now. Just trust me.

Reality is more than you think.

You're awesome.

Your hair looks cute pink... you should do that sooner. :)

You are unconventional. That's kinda cool and it's ok to embrace that.

Read more, never stop reading.

Don't neglect your health... if something seems "off" keep pushing til you know why. Sooner is always better.

Keep sitting up straight, you'll be glad you did.

Don't be scared... You have the potential and the power to do some incredible things... don't be afraid of it.. don't be afraid to try, to fail, to regroup and then try something else.

Life is shorter than you realize.

It's ok to make changes. Just because you made promises doesn't mean that there aren't times you need to break them.

Oh wait...
Ok... I should make a promise to me.
I promise that I will take care of me. Whatever that may mean down the road.

When you're 24 you are going to want to get a tattoo. You will come REALLY close to doing it and for years you will think about doing it over and over- you'll never be sorry you didn't though. :)

See more of the US while you've got the chance... you're going to see plenty of the world.

Never forget the person that is the hardest on you is you, and that the voice you hear telling you not to do something is a liar.

Love, Me

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wikiped.... wait what?

I can make Wikipedia say whatever I want it to.
I win the internet.
I can now prove to the children that I am, in fact, ALWAYS right.

You mean it's not just me?!!

Oh thank god! I've been known to tip over and spill stuff and don't ever let me sit in a chair that moves while I play!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I like when men get naked...

We should just call it the summer of lust or...
Ok, wait, I have to do something important here...

*****Disclaimer***** ADULT content (This means that if you refer to me as Mom you should not read this, you will not want to read this and it will tell you things that you have no desire to know. Just close the page kiddo or if you need therapy in 20 years I will not be held responsible)

Ok... as I was saying...
Or call it the summer of orgasm or something. It's as if suddenly the entertainment industry REALIZED what most people have known all along.
Women... wait for it...
*looks around to see if anyone is going to overhear this*

Oh my god, I said it. I said it OUT LOUD where people could read it. Holy hell. Is this really such a newsflash to people?
In this weeks strange twist... something odd has occured. Men everywhere are dying to see a movie about a teddy bear and women are standing in line to see a flick about strippers.
Rock on America!

I don't really know where the whole idea came from that we weren't all that into it, my guess is the myth got spread by someone who wasn't doing it right.

I mean give me a bunch of good looking guys who know how to move on a screen and I can tell you that I am crossing my little fingers in the hopes that they start taking off their clothes. It's the real reason I watch action movies. The explosions are freakin awesome, but ohmygodyeslethimtakeoffhisshirt.

I can't be the ONLY one that thinks this way. Seriously. I know LOTS of other women out there who read books that would probably shock their husbands, certainly at least some of their friends and have been reading this stuff for years.  How did it take Hollywood and Amazon this long to figure it out?

Let's talk about 50 Shades of Grey. People.. it's pretty much porn. And um.. it's bad porn. There are much better choices out there, lots of amazing writers who will do a whole lot more to get you wanting to be out of your panties than this... but hey, let's call it gateway reading material. Take some time, go search out some better authors and really find out what is out there to read. Find out what you like to read in this genre and go from there. Go to a bookstore and flip through some books. You're a grown up... it's ok. I promise. Go on. We won't tell... and you can always tell people you are reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies on your Kindle, no one will know if you don't want them to.

And now onto strippers.. Magic Mike. What an absolute... charming movie. *grin*

Ok... I am pretty sure it's a touching story of.... um... I have no freaking idea, but the eye candy? Yum. It is pure indulgence, truly something for just about everyone's viewing enjoyment.
I will now provide you with a visual aid so you can understand why it might be important for you to see this movie.

and perhaps you need more convincing....

Maybe just 1 more picture... because it's kind of fun for all of us, admit it.

Yes. Magical. Oh come ON... you didn't really think I was going to have anything intelligent to say  about the movie did you? Really? Who needs to talk? Look at the pretty abs...

So how did this happen? How did we go from last summer's line up of "Something Borrowed" and "Jumping the Broom" to *le sigh* something...worth watching?

I'm going to thank True Blood, I think somewhere people noticed that the sexy, engaging, fun paranormal show was appealing to so many women. (Also.. .kudos to whoever is in charge of dressing Eric. His wardrobe person is amazing and that blue sweater... he needs another one) Women were the ones sitting up and taking notice, despite the frequent use of scantily clad women....the men started getting hotter... and hottter and now, if you tune in and see "nudity" aside from cheering.. oh wait, maybe that's just at my can be pretty sure that you may see men being paraded on screen for our viewing entertainment as frequently as women.

Yes. Equality. I love it.

On another note, Alexander Skarsgard might want to play the lead in 50 Shades of Grey the movie. I'd soooo go see that...

I'm not sure if this post has a point.. or if it's just me gratuitiously talking about sex. Thats ok too.
Remember? I'm a grown up.

Now... I really think I need to go send Alexander Skarsgard some chocolate or flowers or something...  I mean... after all the only reason he doesn't love me is because he doesn't know me yet right?

Wait.. this  might be how stalkers get started.

Monday, July 2, 2012

And holy hell it's Monday again...

So... 3 things you don't know about me.

1. I love frozen slushy drinks. (This almost shouldn't count... because really who doesn't?)

2. I have one pair of flip flops that have been to... let me see... 11 countries. I don't ever want to throw them away.

3. My go to, "holy crap this day sucks and I don't want to think anymore" tv show is a copy of the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer "Once More with Feeling." It's a key indicator that I am about ½ second away from meltdown mode.

Tada... there ya go. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pimp your blog

I'm fairly new-ish to the blog world... and I am thrilled that people are interested or bored enough to want to read about my life. I love finding new people to follow and I have some really cool readers as well.
Last week (I think it was last week) one of the blogs I follow (You should go read him, he's awesome) gave his readers the opportunity to pimp out our blogs on his page. All he asked was that we say what our blog was about and write him a poem.

"They" say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (I'm not sure who "They" are but they say a lot, some of it is even worth listening to!) and I happened to think it was an amazing idea so I am going to copy. Because it's Sunday and I really should still be buried under my covers or laying in my hammock with a cup of tea and copy of some trashy novel that requires no thought.

So, I'll change it up just a little.

Leave me your link, tell me and my readers what your blog is about and then leave me a picture that tells me something about you. It doesn't have to be of you, it doesn't have to be your picture, it doesn't have to be a photograph it can be something you made, but something that tells me something about who you are.

That's it.

Feel free to copy me too... I like to be flattered.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Life is beautiful

Today I'm not going to say much, I want to show you some things.
Amazing stuff happens ALL the time around us and we miss it.
We might notice a glorious sunset, don't see always see the spiderweb that look like lace, we don't catch the beauty of the factal in a flower or leaf, unless we are looking for it.We don't see that cool things happen in nature and how very pretty it always is because we rush through life ignoring things that should never be ignored.
Color speaks to me, I don't know if does to other people, I only know how I respond to it, and to the beautiful things that happen, all by themselves and are there for us to look at if we want to.
Nature... as art.
Today I wanted to share it with you... Some of these photos are mine. I've linked you to the source (and or articles) of the others where I know them, if you find something unattributed and you know who it belongs to, please let me know.

And enjoy.

 I love the way you can see the colors reflected against the strands of webbing.
It was early morning when I took this in Guatemala City, Guatemala and the sunrise was starting to reflect

Some fractals because I love them- None of the fractals are mine.

These are mine too... These were taken at our local nature preserve I'm an "ok" photographer, but I don't always capture what I see. I'm trying to train myself to look with the eye I use when I draw when I take pictures.

Riots of color

More color- from the Island of Mindanao

This is from my own backyard...

Go look at something beautiful.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Yeah. My new hashtag.
I made it up

I'm not really SURE why they let people like me make up hashtags*... it might not be the wisest thing Twitter lets us do, because then you get hashtags like #stabbyfromadistance. You can borrow it if you want to, or if you want to make it trend or if YOU TOO are feeling stabby from a distance.

That really just means that there is a short list of people that need me to make voodoo dolls in their image and lovingly stick pins in them until they cry.

The people.. not the dolls. It'd be mean to make dolls cry.
Hide the sharp stuff.

That is all.

I now return you to your #notstabbyfromadistance Tuesday. Unless... you're feeling #stabbyfromadistance. Then join me for craft night. *evil grin*

*more on why they shouldn't let me make up hashtags at a later date. When I have less voodoo tendencies.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just don't be an ass ok?

I'm not sure I feel like being funny today. This morning a friend of mine posted on her facebook about spending the evening in my area at a "festivalish" type of activity and how a friend of hers  (from another country) spent the evening being made fun of and being made to feel uncomfortable because of her dancing and outfit and well...whatever.

That sucks and it makes me mad.

I don't know what she was wearing or if she dances like Elaine from Seinfeld or whatever, because I wasn't there, but what I do know.. is that I don't CARE, and neither should anyone else. If she was having a good time, and living life and enjoying herself, why was it fun or entertainment for other people to mock or be critical of her in any way? I'm glad she was dancing and having fun, life is short and it's for living.

People... we aren't 4 anymore. It wasn't cool when we were 4 but at least at that age it was... understandable. It wasn't at any age after that... and today, that's what I want to talk about.

I think part of the reason society has some of the issues it does is because bullying was tolerated when we were kids. 3/4 of the moms on the PTA having a hissy fit now were bullies in school themselves and don't even remember or acknowledge it to themselves. You know them. The PTA moms that spend half their lives looking down on the other parents. I'm not talking about the ones who are there because they legitimately want to do nice things for their kids, I'm talking about the ones who spend the whole time trying to make themselves look good at the expense of someone else... all while talking out the other side of their mouth about bullying. They are some of the ones that used to make fun of the other girls while smiling to your face. You know who they are.

Bullying is wrong. It doesn't matter if you are 5 or 9 or 15 or 45 or any age in between. It makes you a bully and it's not ok.  Ask kids today, they'll tell you that it still happens, but it's sneakier now, and there does seem to be less overt nastiness pervading the school. It's still there though I promise. Walk into any 7th grade gym locker room and listen for 2 minutes.

Want to know what I've realized? That the kids that were jerks then simply grew up to be assholes. They were taught by teachers and other adults that their behavior was ok. Their parents used to chalk it up to kids being kids and teachers acted like it was survival of the fittest.
I'm glad it's changed.
Listen to your kids... listen to see if they're talking about being made fun of andone of help them learn coping skills if they are. PUSH to get it changed. Listen to see if your child is one of the ones destined to grow up to be an asshole. If they are DO something about it.

Fun shouldn't come at someone else's expense, ever. That's not fun, that's abuse and it's about time society realized it. Other cultures don't do this the way we do, I blame privledge. Remember, just because someone thinks you are loser doesn't mean you are, just because you think someone is a loser doesn't mean they are. People are people.  It's about time we all realized that and it starts when they are kids, but as an adult we owe it to our kids, we owe it to each other, hell we owe it to ourselves to remember to not be assholes.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

One of these things is not like the other....

So Thing 1 is 14, and a little weird and quirky in all kinds of amazing ways. She likes musicals and strange stuff and Tim Burton and Johnny Depp (I mean.. who doesn't like Johnny Depp, but I digress) and so... now that she's a big girl and I knew she could handle it I thought it was time to introduce her to Sweeney Todd... because holy awsomeness batgirl, right?

But I didn't own it and it wasn't on demand so a quick search of netflix resulted in disappointment until we remembered Zune. A quick foray over there and success, they had it!!!!
Our search brought up....this.

wait....... um...... what?
What the...


For real. It says that. It suggests Wall-E and The Sword and the Stone and just...
*tilts my head to the side in confusion*


WTF Zune?!?!!?

You can't make this stuff up.

I am almost afraid to see what it suggests if I search UP.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Well hey, hi. For someone who loves words as much as I do, starting a blog should have been a simple endeavor... yeah, not so much. I think the reason is that I always want things to be perfect. I'm not good at perfect. Perfectionist tendencies suck because sometimes, you just don't do ANYTHING because of it.
Anyway, I decided that my blog is going to be perfectly imperfect which means it will have runonsentencesbecausethisisexactlyhowItalksometimes (did anyone else see that the word sex shows up in that run on even though I didn't type it? god my mind needs a rating system) and that stuff will be spelled wrong and I will just randomly go off on some type of tangent and well.. you'll get to know me just like that.
I had all these plans of what my first blog post would say and how I would talk about what it was like growing up being a nerdy, geeky girl in a world where everyone loves Barbie and I'm not even 5' tall... and how now that I'm certainly an adult with 2 minions calling me mom and a geekgirl teen of my own how my perspective on things has changed, but that all kind of went out the window and you get a rambling overcaffeinated start to this. If I hadn't just started, I'd never write a word and curl up in the corner with a copy of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies or go watch Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog for the 197th time or Glee reruns or douse my fears in paint and lipton and you'd never see a word of this.
So you're welcome, or I'm sorry or something. <3
Welcome to my chaos.