Saturday, June 30, 2012

Life is beautiful

Today I'm not going to say much, I want to show you some things.
Amazing stuff happens ALL the time around us and we miss it.
We might notice a glorious sunset, don't see always see the spiderweb that look like lace, we don't catch the beauty of the factal in a flower or leaf, unless we are looking for it.We don't see that cool things happen in nature and how very pretty it always is because we rush through life ignoring things that should never be ignored.
Color speaks to me, I don't know if does to other people, I only know how I respond to it, and to the beautiful things that happen, all by themselves and are there for us to look at if we want to.
Nature... as art.
Today I wanted to share it with you... Some of these photos are mine. I've linked you to the source (and or articles) of the others where I know them, if you find something unattributed and you know who it belongs to, please let me know.

And enjoy.

 I love the way you can see the colors reflected against the strands of webbing.
It was early morning when I took this in Guatemala City, Guatemala and the sunrise was starting to reflect

Some fractals because I love them- None of the fractals are mine.

These are mine too... These were taken at our local nature preserve I'm an "ok" photographer, but I don't always capture what I see. I'm trying to train myself to look with the eye I use when I draw when I take pictures.

Riots of color

More color- from the Island of Mindanao

This is from my own backyard...

Go look at something beautiful.


  1. I've never seen translucent ants, really cool! Spiderwebs are amazing except when you walk through one.

    I'm actually detail-oriented & tend to notice the little things, while a car almost runs me over or I run into a post.

    1. I think sometimes that's the reason for my incredible accident proneness... I'm too busy looking at the little stuff to notice the things right in front of me.