Monday, February 24, 2014

Let's read Fabulous Women

Would anyone who still reads my blog be interested in joining me in a challenge to read books by fabulous women this year?

I was thinking we have 10 months left, we could get through at least 5 books.

AND thoughts? Anyone?
(Anyone still out there I know I've been neglecting this blog terribly)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

At least I am not conjugating!!!

Working on my blog post for SGG today I felt like I did in 7th grade when I realized that I my French test was going to have ACTUAL FRENCH WORDS on it... that "I should know this, why don't I know this? What does that even MEAN" feeling... and then I realized I did. And today, just like then, I knew more than I thought, had good teachers and was able to figure it out.
Plus, this was more fun.
If you're interested, check it out:

If not, you can always feel free to send me chocolate or tea. It's that kind of morning.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm going on an Adventure....

For the last 14 months or so I've been working with a company called Silver Gryphon Games.
My background is in sales, marketing, international and global communication, call centers, corporate training and operations management. So um… confession time.
I knew almost nothing about gaming or the industry when I started doing this. I used to have to ask  the team if things were funny before I shared them. I might have thought that they were hilarious, but there was subtext and nuance that I was completely clueless about. Yikes. I started to read everything I could. I asked questions and began to get a feel for the hobby, for the community as a whole and realized that I could finally answer questions, that I could relate to much of what was being said, asked and posted about, and yet… I’ve only recently begun to “get it.” and so I started a project for the hopelessly unfamiliar.

It's called "I'm going on an Adventure" and it's all about me learning about the world of tabletop gaming. I'm excited about it because I can look at it from a number of perspectives, I'm going to be doing some interviews with people in the industry and I hope that I can show people that the stereotype of nerd is badly outdated and misrepresented.

I plan to give this my own unique perspective and hope you find it interesting! You can check out the whole thing at
I'm going on an Adventure
and expect that there will be a post from me probably every... Tuesday morning.

Anyone want to join me on my adventure?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I need a title

I hate naming things. I'm really lucky it doesn't say Thing 1 and Thing 2 on the children's birth certificates. If I can't name it after a Disney character, I'm pretty much lost.
But anyway, this new project I've been talking about.. is all about an adventure I'm taking with the game company I do consulting stuff for/with.
It's going to be a lot of fun, I have several parts of it already underway/written/babbled, etc.

But I need a name.

It's about being really new at something.... and it's nerdy.
I dont' want N00b or anything like that. It should be fun, quirky and me.

Assigning names to things shouldn't be all that difficult... and it just IS.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm feeling a little ranty.

So over the last however long since I've been a functioning adult I've noticed a disturbing trend. If I tell someone something, especially people I've known a really long time or who knew me when I was younger they smile, nod and I can see the things I've shared with them being discounted and or minimized because it wasn't what they wanted to hear, didn't fit in with their vision or they didn't understand what I was saying.

Then, several days, weeks, months or even years later, they come back and tell me that they read this great article on so and so's blog, or that they saw something on pinterest or watched a video on youtube that told them x, y and z and now they are going to do that.

Which leads me to wonder, did no one read my post about wikipedia?  Just because someone writes an article about it, or posts a fact doesn't make it true anymore than the fact that someone did NOT write about it or post a fact make it untrue. When does information become credible and valuable?

What credentials are utilized in determining that?

I can write articles for yahoo about vacationing off the island of Mindano.... granted, I've been there and could actually tell you amazing things to do, but you know what? No one asked if I was qualified to do so. It was just listed in a big giant block of things to topics that were available to claim to right about. Interesting isn't it?

Anyway, from now on, maybe all my relevent info should be posted on my blog. :\

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I have been ignoring my blog. I'm sorry. I've been busy. (How many people say that, and how often for how many reasons?)

The good news is that mine has been because a lot of my time has been taken up by various really rewarding projects.
As some of you know I work as the social media manager for Silver Gryphon Games in my spare time as well my own small business Whimsy By Kelly. (Stress on the small part of business for me at this point). Both are awesome, seriously, go check them out but they take up time and time is a precious commodity. And you know there's that whole mom and family thing I've got going on too!

However, I do want to get back to this. I'm starting a new project with SGG and it's something I'm excited about so I thought I'd share that journey with all of you here too.

And it's fun to ramble to all of you.
Now, where are my cookies.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Sometimes my nerdiness gets crafty (AKA-Doctor Who Christmas)

I spent the last month working on lots of different things.
I'm probably overcompensating but I wanted this Christmas to be special for my kids so I made them these things.

These are my daughter's Doctor Who Sneakers. She saw some on Pinterest originally but they weren't "her" so I made my own version. She loves them. YAY me!!!

This is the Keyblade that my son wishes existed. (His sister makes him watch Doctor Who) I handpainted it onto a messenger bag for him.
Her CD case- really is bigger on the inside!
Then I really wanted to get Minecraft Legos for my little guy, but sadly they had been sold out for months by the time I discovered they even existed. So I had to get creative.
Here is his Minecraft lego table. I think he likes it, he's spent hours with it over the last few days!
The rails along the side.
The ends
With dimensions

And all finished and under the tree.
I had some smaller projects that didn't make it to the photos, like my daughter's hoodie with her name written in Galifreyan and my son's sneakers. I'll see about getting those up here soon!
Hope everyone had a great holiday!