Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm feeling a little ranty.

So over the last however long since I've been a functioning adult I've noticed a disturbing trend. If I tell someone something, especially people I've known a really long time or who knew me when I was younger they smile, nod and I can see the things I've shared with them being discounted and or minimized because it wasn't what they wanted to hear, didn't fit in with their vision or they didn't understand what I was saying.

Then, several days, weeks, months or even years later, they come back and tell me that they read this great article on so and so's blog, or that they saw something on pinterest or watched a video on youtube that told them x, y and z and now they are going to do that.

Which leads me to wonder, did no one read my post about wikipedia?  Just because someone writes an article about it, or posts a fact doesn't make it true anymore than the fact that someone did NOT write about it or post a fact make it untrue. When does information become credible and valuable?

What credentials are utilized in determining that?

I can write articles for yahoo about vacationing off the island of Mindano.... granted, I've been there and could actually tell you amazing things to do, but you know what? No one asked if I was qualified to do so. It was just listed in a big giant block of things to topics that were available to claim to right about. Interesting isn't it?

Anyway, from now on, maybe all my relevent info should be posted on my blog. :\

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I have been ignoring my blog. I'm sorry. I've been busy. (How many people say that, and how often for how many reasons?)

The good news is that mine has been because a lot of my time has been taken up by various really rewarding projects.
As some of you know I work as the social media manager for Silver Gryphon Games in my spare time as well my own small business Whimsy By Kelly. (Stress on the small part of business for me at this point). Both are awesome, seriously, go check them out but they take up time and time is a precious commodity. And you know there's that whole mom and family thing I've got going on too!

However, I do want to get back to this. I'm starting a new project with SGG and it's something I'm excited about so I thought I'd share that journey with all of you here too.

And it's fun to ramble to all of you.
Now, where are my cookies.