Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I like when men get naked...

We should just call it the summer of lust or...
Ok, wait, I have to do something important here...

*****Disclaimer***** ADULT content (This means that if you refer to me as Mom you should not read this, you will not want to read this and it will tell you things that you have no desire to know. Just close the page kiddo or if you need therapy in 20 years I will not be held responsible)

Ok... as I was saying...
Or call it the summer of orgasm or something. It's as if suddenly the entertainment industry REALIZED what most people have known all along.
Women... wait for it...
*looks around to see if anyone is going to overhear this*

Oh my god, I said it. I said it OUT LOUD where people could read it. Holy hell. Is this really such a newsflash to people?
In this weeks strange twist... something odd has occured. Men everywhere are dying to see a movie about a teddy bear and women are standing in line to see a flick about strippers.
Rock on America!

I don't really know where the whole idea came from that we weren't all that into it, my guess is the myth got spread by someone who wasn't doing it right.

I mean give me a bunch of good looking guys who know how to move on a screen and I can tell you that I am crossing my little fingers in the hopes that they start taking off their clothes. It's the real reason I watch action movies. The explosions are freakin awesome, but ohmygodyeslethimtakeoffhisshirt.

I can't be the ONLY one that thinks this way. Seriously. I know LOTS of other women out there who read books that would probably shock their husbands, certainly at least some of their friends and have been reading this stuff for years.  How did it take Hollywood and Amazon this long to figure it out?

Let's talk about 50 Shades of Grey. People.. it's pretty much porn. And um.. it's bad porn. There are much better choices out there, lots of amazing writers who will do a whole lot more to get you wanting to be out of your panties than this... but hey, let's call it gateway reading material. Take some time, go search out some better authors and really find out what is out there to read. Find out what you like to read in this genre and go from there. Go to a bookstore and flip through some books. You're a grown up... it's ok. I promise. Go on. We won't tell... and you can always tell people you are reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies on your Kindle, no one will know if you don't want them to.

And now onto strippers.. Magic Mike. What an absolute... charming movie. *grin*

Ok... I am pretty sure it's a touching story of.... um... I have no freaking idea, but the eye candy? Yum. It is pure indulgence, truly something for just about everyone's viewing enjoyment.
I will now provide you with a visual aid so you can understand why it might be important for you to see this movie.

and perhaps you need more convincing....

Maybe just 1 more picture... because it's kind of fun for all of us, admit it.

Yes. Magical. Oh come ON... you didn't really think I was going to have anything intelligent to say  about the movie did you? Really? Who needs to talk? Look at the pretty abs...

So how did this happen? How did we go from last summer's line up of "Something Borrowed" and "Jumping the Broom" to *le sigh* something...worth watching?

I'm going to thank True Blood, I think somewhere people noticed that the sexy, engaging, fun paranormal show was appealing to so many women. (Also.. .kudos to whoever is in charge of dressing Eric. His wardrobe person is amazing and that blue sweater... he needs another one) Women were the ones sitting up and taking notice, despite the frequent use of scantily clad women....the men started getting hotter... and hottter and now, if you tune in and see "nudity" aside from cheering.. oh wait, maybe that's just at my house...you can be pretty sure that you may see men being paraded on screen for our viewing entertainment as frequently as women.

Yes. Equality. I love it.

On another note, Alexander Skarsgard might want to play the lead in 50 Shades of Grey the movie. I'd soooo go see that...

I'm not sure if this post has a point.. or if it's just me gratuitiously talking about sex. Thats ok too.
Remember? I'm a grown up.

Now... I really think I need to go send Alexander Skarsgard some chocolate or flowers or something...  I mean... after all the only reason he doesn't love me is because he doesn't know me yet right?

Wait.. this  might be how stalkers get started.


  1. Yes oh yes those are some pretty pictures. I thoroughly LOVED this movie... and I actually LOL and your line "In this weeks strange twist... something odd has occured. Men everywhere are dying to see a movie about a teddy bear and women are standing in line to see a flick about strippers.
    Rock on America!" and I totally sent half chewed mixed nuts flying all over my laptop and screen... and that is not a euphemism... I'm actually eating mixed nuts right now.

  2. For the love of chocolate baby jesus, I just want to see Matthew Mcconaughey's penis. Just once.
    Please tell me this movie makes my dream come true.

  3. Ummmm.... Alcide was incredibly hunky in this movie!!! And yeah... I think true blood was an indicator that women would flock to see this... I didn't need to see them strip entirely... I was just as ummmm glued to the screen watching them dance and seeing the thrusting and yummy hip bones....
    Bravo Kelly!